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tv   [untitled]    August 24, 2014 8:00am-8:31am PDT

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to the public, on the table, commissioners? >> so moved. >> it has been moved. >> second. >> and seconded. >> is there any further discussion? any public comment on the amendment as discussed? and on this table there? seeing no public comment, on the amendment, it is closed >> i will call for a vote, all of those in favor, signify by saying aye. >> and opposed? >> the amendment is now included. and i will entertain a motion on the resolution, as amended. >> so moved. >> okay. >> second. >> and is there any public comment on the resolution as amended? >> seeing..., yes? >> i have your card, sorry about that? >> i am very pleased today to stand here on this project. i have talked to you several times about the importance of your water supply level, and
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the commitment that this body made to your customers built in staoet and your wholesale customers to limit rashing to no more than twebt 20 percent and this is one of those projects that will enable you to meet that commitment and so that purpose it will provide a 7.2 million gallons of water a day during a dry year and i have said rntion would it be great if i had that today and it would make a huge difference for the current water supply, and so it is critically important, and i enthusiastickly support it on behalf of my agencies and i appreciate the efforts of the puc staff, to bring this project to fruition and it has been a long time in coming and my member agencies and the three of them who are the partner agencies who are supportive of this and really excited about this project moving forward. i urge you to vote yes on it. >> thank you. >> is there another public comment? >> good afternoon.
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>> i am supportive of this and this is a long time coming if you look at 6.3 section you will see what is taking place over time in cooperation with the san francisco, when it did once rain, we were able to go off and eliminate it and use the extra water and so it is taking place and we are supportive and we have worked out an agreement that will forward your assistance and if you have any questions for the local agent's perspective i am happy to answer it. >> thank you. >> thank you for being here. >> so we are on item 11, the item has been moved, and seconded. >> is there any other public comment? >> seeing none, it is closed, and i will call for a vote, in
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favor, aye. >> the ayes have it and the motion carries, madam second, the next item. >> item 12 is public comment on matters for closed session. and i will read the closed session items. item 14,conference with legal counsel - pursuant to california government code section 54956.9 (d) (1) and san francisco administrative code section 67.10 (d) (1)15. conference with legal counsel - pursuant to california government code section 54956.9 (d) (1) and san francisco administrative code section 67.10 (d) (1) (mueller) existing litigation: city and county of san francisco v. pacific gas & electric company san francisco superior court case no.: cgc-13-529310 city attorney file no.: 0000657 / date filed: june 6, 2013 161718 nei would like to
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entertain a motion to insert the attorney, client privilege. >> so moved. >> it has been moved. >> second >> and seconded. >> all right. >> and so, i will call for a vote, all of those in favor, signify. >> aye. and opposed the ayes have it and the motion carries and yeah. >> we are back on the record. >> we appreciate this. >> so, i am going to go ahead and make the announcement, that commissioner's setment under item 17 and i am going to entertain a motion whether or not to disclose the discussions which were held during our closed session. >> is there a motion? >> not to disclose >> it is moved not to disclose. >> second. >> and it has been seconded. >> any further discussion on that? i will call for a vote. all of those in favor, aye. >> and opposed? >> the ayes have the motion, carries any new business? >> okay, i will be brief.
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>> i am asking that staff prepare a short memo related to conversations that took place during our joint envier men commission, public utilities commission, and those specifically with the joint interest in looking into integrated pest management and putting it together and introduction course to that work. and finding out what kind of resources we have available and whether we will be able to kind of move the ball in a joint direction and put something together and this is really job, skills, and type of things that we have and the classifications in the city and the county that are performing this function, and it is, it is a direct link between the envier men commission and the puc when it comes to the application of all of these chemicals at the golf courses are going into our storm drain, water or whatever it is. and so i would like the staff to prepare a short memo related to that effort and maybe, even
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some recommendations about how we move it along quickly. and i have no further item, commissioners anything else? >> seeing nothing the meeting is adjourned.
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(clapping.) the airport it where i know to mind visions of traffic romance and excitement and gourmet can you limousine we're at san
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francisco inspirational airport to discover the award-winning concession that conspiracies us around the world. sfo serves are more 40 million travelers a year and a lot of the them are hungry there's many restaurant and nearly all are restaurant and cafe that's right even the airport is a diane designation. so tell me a little bit the food program at sfo and what makes this so special >> well, we have a we have food and beverage program at sfo we trivia important the sustainable organic produce and our objective to be a nonterminal and bring in the best food of san francisco for our
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passengers. >> i like this it's is (inaudible) i thank my parents for bringing me here. >> this the definitely better than the la airport one thousand times better than. >> i have a double knees burger with bacon. >> i realize i'm on a diet but i'm hoping this will be good. >> it total is san francisco experience because there's so many people and nationalities in this town to come to the airport especially everyone what have what they wanted. >> are repioneering or is this a model. >> we're definitely pioneers and in airport commemoration at
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least nationally if not intvrl we have many folks asking our our process and how we select our great operators. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the food option in san francisco airport are phenomenal that's if it a lot of the airports >> yeah. >> you don't have the choice. >> some airports are all about food this is not many and this particular airport are amazing especially at the tirnl indicating and corey is my favorite i come one or two hours before my flight this is the
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life. >> we definitely try to use as many local grirnts as we can we use the goat cheese and we also use local vendors we use greenly produce they summarize the local soured products and the last one had 97 percent open that. >> wow. >> have you taken up anything unique or odd here. >> i've picked up a few things in napa valley i love checking chocolates there's a lot of types of chocolate and caramel corn. >> now this is a given right there. >> i'm curious about the customer externals and how people are richmond to this
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collection of cities you've put together not only of san francisco food in san francisco but food across the bay area. >> this type of market with the local savors the high-end products is great. >> i know people can't believe they're in an airport i really joy people picking up things for their friends and family and wait i don't have to be shopping now we want people take the opportunity at our location. >> how long has this been operating in san francisco and the late 18 hours it is one of
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the best places to get it coffee. >> we have intrrnl consumers that know of this original outlet here and come here for the coffee. >> so let's talk sandwiches. >> uh-huh. >> can you tell me how you came about naming our sandwiches from the katrero hills or 27 years i thought okay neighborhood and how do you keep it fresh you can answer that mia anyway you want. >> our broadened is we're going not irving preserves or packaged goods we take the time to incubate our jogger art if
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scratch people appreciate our work here. >> so you feel like out of captured the airport atmosphere. >> this is its own the city the airline crews and the bag handlers and the frequent travels travelers and we've established relationships it feels good. >> when i get lunch or come to eat the food i feel like i'm not city. i was kind of under the assumption you want to be done with our gifts you are down one time not true >> we have a lot of regulars we didn't think we'd find that here at the airport.
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>> people come in at least one a week for that the food and service and the atmosphere. >> the food is great in san francisco it's a coffee and i took an e calorie home every couple of weeks. >> i'm impressed i might come here on my own without a trip, you know, we have kids we could get a babysitter and have diner at the airport. >> this is a little bit of things for everybody there's plenty of restaurant to grab something and go otherwise in you want to sit you can enjoy the experience of local food. >> tell me about the future food. >> we're hoping to bring newer concepts out in san francisco
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and what our passengers want. >> i look forward to see what your cooking up (laughter) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> today we've shown you the only restaurant in san francisco from the comfortableing old stand but you don't have to be hungry sfo has changed what it is like to eat another an airport check out our oblige at tumbler >> thanks everybody i'm dpa
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with s k s on behalf of everyone and southeast partners want to welcome you to the groundbreaking we'll have you in april or may assuming we're still on schedule tim; right? good. first of all, i want to thank some of the people this is a team celebration that start with our land use attorney that helps us navigate this process that was quite easy and peter and the folks from the architecture we're bias we think it's a beautiful design planning commissioner moore said the building is exceptionally well designed it does everything correct and is a building this
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is respectful of everything around that it is wonderful and i'm pleased to support that. peter we know that commissioner moore doesn't hand out a lot of compliments i hope you're proud as we are very well done. in connection is the alderman of swat we're looking forward to a long relationship but want to recognize mike and bryan as well as their colleague michael who couldn't be here that represented us on the marketing and leasing on the project finally i gaffe one of the colleague and partners they've been here we're on schedule and budget and intent intend to keep it that way in addition their going to participate in an
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experiment we're boring from london and we're going to post on the job site sense penn cal commits to this county to be a respectful contractor to manage noise that unfortunately comes from construction if this works maybe others in the city will follow us the biggest thank you to so mayor ed lee and his administration we're joined by director ram and jean who worked hard with us over the past year and a half to get us here we're appreciative of our font we have the building inspection to make sure that the permits arrive on time to keep things going and in addition to that this project recommendation what the city has been trying to do with long-term
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planning this is part of the south eastern neighborhood this is from 2008 we're grateful for the mayors administration in allowing this project 270 to happen without trovrt which is something we all strife for that in san francisco finally there are two citywide initiatives we feel strongly about this building will be reflective have to have a lower impact on climate change we've played for platinum status and we support the mayor and his administration and the transit first policy of the city we'll have only 12 parking stalls but 52 bike parking spaces with shoreside and we want to be supportive
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(clapping.) with that, mayor ed lee the podium it yours >> dan let me bring my personal congratulations to s c s and the attorneys and all of you together have produced an excellent product as i go around the city there are sensitive areas of the city we're trying to do better and planning is in the center with dbi to help us to make sure that the developed is right for the city and right here where a few months ago you only saw a parking lot request a hair clearly this is not only unutilized it was calling ought to do better those private investments that are not only making the changed and allowing
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for some to 8 hundred berlin next year i want to be here also want to absolute passport and the architects and engineers he working again your reputation precede you you've done be fantastic work i've been there at the spur building and love it here what you've designed and the lead platinum but the enlightenment to the historic area we're in the south of market the south park and in those areas where you have to be sensitive to the way you've designed it and given the quick approval that it can be challenging when you have agencies trying to protect a little bit of our history and they quickly saw our work and
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congratulations to the entire team and the development team i'm also excited about what this development means it's not only an office, by construction jobs will be here and continues to be a story of putting people back to work this are good marked jobs and this contract hire good folks i want to keep them business just by the men and women they hire are always good for the city we were there the other day with leader pelosi, you know, we have a great history of the city building our way and building new knows that are seismically sound and representing of the homes where a lot of new employers in this case have no more bicycle parking spaces than cars it's we
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have to have solar panels and to have this building is a good story interest to top it off there are serious contributions by the impact fees it's expensive to be in the city and it's more expensive with when the city extracts fees out of you over 8 and a half million dollars is going to trams and infrastructure and affordable housing those are things we are promoting with our developers. i do meet with our developers and dan is one of our kind of close group of developers in the city i constantly want to have a conversations with if we get high-level of coordination we can do a lot more with the
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private sector if we gossiping give in to fast track stuff this means private investments they're putting together their investors can invest in our city it's not only letting the developers do we they want to do but the public-private relationship is for those days. i know that john ram and i glow this weekly this relationship is greatly important to the direction of the city so the more conversations that we can have can effect policy for the city i'm all about making sure that collaboration at the a high-level it can breakdown to no confusion and second-guessing the intention ultimately the
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intention is build to keep the city vibrant and alive for everybody for all the spectrums this is what jobs and good development and design does and good contractors do and what great developers do congratulations to everyone i look forward to this opening and continuing this great story with so many other developers congratulations s k s congratulations and thank you very much (clapping) >> now i'd like to introduce the preside the president america our partner. >> (clapping). >> thank you very much ladies and gentlemen, congratulations on the groundbreaking for brooklyn in her street i'm the
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president and ceo. the industries is a long business plan two years ago which we call innovation and it highlights the importance of all the about his so we've been there it's out for real and by being more active in government business in the united states especially in san francisco we mark toy as an initial step our long-term goals i want to express my gratitude and appreciation. i would first like to thank our partner s c s thank you very much for making this venture happening and thank you to the architectures not only for the design but also engineering


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